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Fright Night

You can't run from evil when it lives next door.
Fright Night
A teenager suspects his new neighbour is a vampire. Unable to convince anyone, he tries to enlist the help of a self-proclaimed vampire hunter and magician in this remake of the 1985 comedy-horror classic.
Title Fright Night
Release Date 2011-08-18
Genres Horror Comedy
Production Companies Touchstone Pictures, Gaeta / Rosenzweig Films, DreamWorks, Michael De Luca Productions, Reliance Big Entertainment
Production Countries United States of America


Andres Gomez
Quite a decent teen horror movie. Maybe it lacks some jokes and the story, as always, is quite stereotypical, but the formula works well. Yelchin, Farrel, Tennant and Poots make a good team.
Per Gunnar Jonsson
I have to admit that I have not seen the original but from this version of Fright Night I must say that I do not understand all the fuss and why it has become somewhat of a cult classic. I give 6 stars out of 10 and that is quite frankly just barely. If someone had told me that this was a high-budget TV-movie I would not have been very surprised. Maybe it felt more fresh in 1985 when the original came out. The first part of the movie is actually a bit boring. However, after the vampire finally reveals himself so that Charlie’s girlfriend and mother starts to believe him things starts to pick up pace a bit. Unfortunately a lot of the movie is still somewhat mediocre. There are the usual frustrating moments, which Hollywood seems to believe must be in every movie, where Charlie just stupidly stands and stares wasting time, drops his weapon etc. etc. The special effects are okayish but never great. The “vampire hunter” Peter Vincent is just a jerk most of the time until the very end when he shapes up a bit. It is a decent enough evening diversion but as I wrote, as far as I am concerned, it gets an “okay” but just barely.

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